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Targeted Nutrition
at a Cellular Level to Improve Your Health

Do you have any of the following conditions?

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Sugar Level or High Blood Glucose

Insulin Resistance

High Triglycerides
or High Cholesterol

Low “Good” HDL Cholesterol

Excess Fat Around the Waist

If you have any one of the above factors, you have a metabolic disorder – an imbalance or deficiency – that negatively affects the way your body functions. This also means you have an increased risk of a serious health condition, such as cardiovasular disease. If you have 3 or more factors this is commonly referred to as Metabolic Syndrome and your risk increases even more. You are not alone.

Metabolic Syndrome is increasingly common and up to 30% of U.S. adults have it and about 44% of people over 50 years of age are affected by it. Every 5 seconds someone is diagnosed with a condition caused by metabolic disorder and every 10 seconds somebody dies from a metabolic health issue. It is one of the most important health challenges we currently face.


Take Control of your Health and Feel Better

Our Modern Health Challenge

Metabolic Syndrome now affects an ever-increasing number of people. We can say with certainty that it’s one of the most important health challenges we have to face at this time.

Information Backed by Scientific Evidence

The information provided here is based on more than a quarter of a century of research into metabolic disorders and backed by scientific evidence.

Knowledge to Create a Plan

A resource of helpful, easy to understand information so you can create a plan to move yourself towards optimal health. We bring together the best of science and nutrition.

Breakthrough in Understanding Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome – metabolic disorder, deficiency or imbalance – happens at a cellular level. Metabolism is a process that occurs at a cellular level where the cell creates energy from the foods you eat.

Well-functioning cells create a healthy body, one that meets the challenge of daily living well. When that process goes awry the result is impaired functioning and non-optimum health conditions.

Why aren’t your cells functioning in the best possible way?


Every cell in your body contains organelles. In cell biology, an organelle is a specialized subunit within a cell that has a specific function. The name organelle comes from the idea that these structures are to cells what an organ is to the body (hence the name organelle). Each organelle contributes in its own way to helping the cell function well as a whole.

There are 4 factors that affect the way your organelles and cells function:



Gut flora

Degradation of the Mitochondria

(the organelles that keep the cell full of energy)

These factors are the source of cellular degradation, degenerative conditions and chronic illness. We see this every day in the process of aging and the many chronic illnesses that accompany aging – degenerative heart conditions, back conditions, brain conditions, and kidney conditions to name a few.

If you have Metabolic Syndrome or any of its related conditions, lifestyle changes can delay or even prevent the development of serious health problems. You do not need to agree to inevitable degeneration and illness.

Targeted Nutrition at a Cellular Level is the Answer

Genetic expression, inflammation, gut flora and mitochondrial degradation (the weakening of the ability to create energy in each and every cell) can be positively affected with targeted nutrition.

Every cell has a turnover rate. All the cells in our eyes are replaced in 2 days, the lining in our lungs takes 8 days and our throat takes 2 months. Targeted nutrition will benefit the generation of healthy new cells.

The time to act is now!

You aren’t getting younger. If you have any of the above metabolic disorders, it will not take care of itself without your help.

Here you can find the information and help you need to address metabolic conditions at a cellular level and get the results you want: lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar or blood glucose, improved insulin resistance, lower triglycerides level, lower cholesterol, increased “good” HDL cholesterol level and reduced fat around the waist.

By doing things now to impact the health of your cells the new version of your cells will be better than the last.

Meet our Experts

John Payne, Chairman and CEO of PURELIFE Health Sciences Group

PURELIFE Health Sciences Group works with a team of research scientists and doctors to formulate nutraceuticals that make a difference because they are specially formulated using 26 years of research into the causes of degenerative disease. By knowing what causes degeneration of the body at a cellular level, one can exert a powerful influence against it.

Their purpose is to enhance life by helping people live a longer, healthier and more energetic life.

Anne Dunev, PhD, CN

From a BS in Health Sciences from Ohio State University to her doctoral thesis on The History of Mind/Body Healing, Anne is a life-long student of natural medicine and nutrition. As a Certified Nutritionist she has helped thousands of patients in the US and England improve their health and wellbeing. She has taught at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and appeared on 150 radio and television programs.

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