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Qgenics’ nutraceuticals are a result of many years of scientific research. This research has been conducted by a team of researchers and doctors throughout the world specializing in the prevention and long-term reversal of critical health conditions caused by degeneration of the body, such as metabolic disorders and Metabolic Syndrome.

This research was driven by an interest in the interaction of nutrition and genes. Over the years, significant research has been done to identify genetically compatible plant sources of nutrition that support human health.

You do not have to be the effect of your genes. Nutrition can change gene expression and improve health and longevity.

In a series of interviews, John Payne, Chairman and CEO of Purelife Health Sciences, shares some of the insights gained from this research. The Qgenics’ podcast episodes provide fascinating information and are easy to listen to.

Episode: The 4 Factors Underlying Degenerative Disease

  1. The 4 factors that cause degenerative disease
  2. The process of degeneration – it starts with a toxin
  3. You can change the way your genes express themselves
  4. The effect of targeted nutrition
  5. The link between obesity and gut flora
  6. Everyone today has low grade inflammation
  7. Aging and mitochondrial degradation
  8. The plant that can regenerate mitochondria
  9. Explanation of glycation.

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Episode: Adaptogens – What They Are, and What They Do

  1. What are adaptogens?
  2. What do adaptogens do
  3. Adaptogens and stress
  4. A credible source of clinical studies about ingredients in dietary supplements
  5. Natural, plant-based supplements support the body’s genetic nutritional needs.

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