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Our body requires a range of nutritional elements to maintain health.

As you probably know, today our food supply cannot be counted on to provide food that is rich in nutrition. For this reason, a majority of people use nutritional supplements to fill the “nutritional gaps” in their diet.

Unfortunately, many supplements do not provide the hoped-for nutritional benefits because the cells cannot absorb the nutrition and the ingredients just pass out of the body – a waste of time and money.

The team of research scientists who worked on the formulation of Qgenics nutraceuticals found that for ideal health our bodies need high quality, natural whole functional foods and the nutritional extracts that can be derived from them.

Additionally, they believe that the ideal nutrition comes from ancient plant-based food sources as these are genetically compatible with our body.

Why did it take 27 years of research and almost 8 years of ingredient testing to create our natural nutritional formulas?

The efficacy (the ability to produce a desired or intended result) of natural nutrition depends on how easily the nutritional elements can pass across all cell membranes and access target sites within the cell, be absorbed, and also interact with all of the relevant enzymes and other cellular components.

It’s a complex task because within each cell there are a minimum of 4,000 working enzymes and every cell type utilizes different types of enzymes.

During our many years of research, an ingredient was identified, based on necessary fatty acids, that increases absorption at the cellular level by 3.4 times. A study was done at Boston College that confirmed this increased level of absorption.

We developed a technology around this ingredient, and it’s called Cellinfusion™ Technology. We utilize this technology in Qgenics nutraceutical formulas to increase their potency and efficacy and deliver the best possible nutritional benefit.


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