• Improves physical stamina
  • ​Increases energy level
  • ​Stimulate muscle growth with exercise
  • ​Improves athletic performance
  • ​Improves sleep patterns
  • ​Protects cardiovascular health
  • ​Enhances brain health, cognitive function and memory
  • ​Increases feelings of well being
  • ​Enhances ability to tolerate stress
  • ​Promotes health of nervous system

Some cells have more mitochondria (energy producers of every cell) than others. Your heart cells are teeming with these little guys. Ditto your brain. Muscle cells have a pretty massive mitochondrial crew.

You want tons of these guys working at full capacity and cranking out constant energy. Stronger mitochondria make for stronger hearts, brains and stronger bodies. So does consistency: mitochondrial biogenesis, or creating new mitochondria, becomes crucial for vibrant aging, optimal energy production, and protection against oxidative stress.



The opposite – mitochondrial dysfunction – spells disaster for your energy levels, contributing to numerous problems including cardiovascular disease and obesity.



Unfortunately, the enormous amount of energy your mitochondria produce makes them susceptible to free radical damage and decay as you age. This means that your mitochondria become weaker and decline in number as you age. Ultimately, all the things we associate with aging – fatigue, excess fat, and a decrease in muscle mass and cognitive ability – are all symptoms of weakening mitochondria.


Cardio Advance promotes spontaneous production of new mitochondria thereby providing the body with more “energy powerhouses” and providing increased energy to the heart, brain, and other organs and tissues in the body.
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