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The story of Qgenics nutraceuticals started with John Payne’s quest to help his family.

John had a very successful career in the medical equipment industry. About 26 years ago he sold the company he had spent many years building and was planning his retirement. At around the same time his mother and two of his sisters were diagnosed with diabetes. He was troubled that three of his family members developed the same condition. With his medical background and a love of scientific endeavor, he started on a path of researching the cause of their health issues and what could be done to assist them using nutrition. He particularly wanted to find out how nutrition could alter gene expression.

The result was many years of scientific research by a team of researchers and doctors throughout the world specializing in the prevention and long-term reversal of critical health conditions caused by degeneration of the body, such as metabolic disorders and Metabolic Syndrome.

John is Chairman and CEO of the company he founded, PURELIFE Health Sciences Group.

As a therapeutic solutions provider John and his team focus on the development of nutraceuticals based on the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. Over the years, significant research has been done to identify genetically compatible plant sources of nutrition that support human health.

Nutra Wellness, LLC was created to make science-based nutraceuticals that address the various critical health issues related to metabolic disorders and Metabolic Syndrome widely available.

The founders of Nutra Wellness, LLC have a strong commitment to natural healthcare as they also provide nutritional training to healthcare practitioners through a sister company.

With their common purpose of helping people improve their health using nutrition, Nutra Wellness, LLC and PURELIFE Health Sciences Group partnered to bring the Qgenics brand of nutraceuticals to consumers.

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